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Okay, I have finally been defeated in my stubborn quest to make sure all of my fic is posted on my journal in addition to archive sites. Multiple chapters is apparently too much for me to bother with after posting them on both AO3 and FFN. So, I shall link instead!

Ghosts That We Knew (11896 words) by mrspollifax
Chapters: 4/4
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham, Elizabeth Bishop/Walter Bishop
Characters: Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop, Phillip Broyles, Astrid Farnsworth
Additional Tags: Alternate Timelines

There are infinite ways to get from the past to the present. What if things went a little differently back when Peter and Olivia first met as children? AU starting at the time of Subject 13.

Alternate summary: An ode to Fringe and how much I miss it. I originally started writing this for [personal profile] ziparumpazoo during the season 4/5 hiatus, except then it wouldn't be the tiny little ficlet I meant it to be, and here I am over two years later. Thanks to zip for beta reading and cheerleading and general awesomeness!
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I am running late for reasons, but it is still Friday! So. Here, just a couple of things this week:

Though You're Many Years Away (730 words) by tilden. Fringe, G. Post- 5.13, sending some messages to the beyond. A bittersweet little post-ep for the series finale, the sort of thing I really wanted to read immediately after finishing the show.

New World by Penknife. Stargate SG-1, Gen, G. Earth is a strange new world. So is parenthood. Very nice snippet of Janet, Sam, and Cassie shortly after Singularity as they are all trying to figure out how this is all going to work.
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Ooh, hey, [personal profile] holdouttrout! Since we were talking about Fringe/Stargate crossovers the other day - this is actually a Fringe/SGA fusion, rather than a crossover, but it's fabulous anyway. I have been meaning to rec it, but it was written anonymously for the [community profile] fringe_exchange in December (they used sockpuppets for posting the ficathon entries), and I've sort of been waiting for someone to claim it. I don't think anyone ever has, though? Unless I missed it somehow. Which is a shame, because I'd really like to give the author credit! I'll come back and edit the post if I ever see that it does get claimed.

Anyway, here you go: A Day in the Pegasus Life. Short and fun.
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It's over! :( Not all that spoilery, because I'm just not ready for that, but --

just finished the finale and ... )

(See, I totally forgot to cross-post again. \o/)
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1) I have been/will be messing about with my friends lists on LJ and DW. New year and all, I guess? Among other things, I am trying to get my DW list current, which it really really hasn't been. Same name over there, so feel free to add me as you like if I miss you. Also I am trying to get my LJ list a bit more up to date - I have missed adding some people, probably need to cut some of those really inactive journals, etc. All of my fic and most of the fannish stuff is unlocked regardless, but if I happen to mis-cut and you can't live without my occasional babbly locked posts, just drop me note! As always, feel free to add/delete me at your whim. :)

2) Gearing up for the Fringe finale this Friday! I am alternately excited and sad and terrified, lol. I am really going to miss the show (and the cast! who I hope will go on to more and exciting things), but I'm so glad we got the last season for a wrap-up. I have admittedly not been hugely into Fringe fic while the show was airing - it's been the sort of show where I was happy to follow along with the story on-screen, and really wasn't all that into speculation about what was coming - but I wonder if that may change once the canon's officially closed. Probably depends on how it closes? I do love a nice closed canon, though, lol. Also I suspect a Fringe rewatch will need to commence just about immediately after Friday night.

3) I have a very bad case of head-stuck-in-last-fic-verse. (This is on top of the huge case of head-stuck-in-that-book-I-read that I've had since … November, I think? I really need to talk about Connie Willis's Blackout/All-Clear at some point.) I may need a meme. Or another deadline. Or something!

4) I feel like there should be a four, but there simply isn't.
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Had a multi-email conversation recently about whether or not to capitalize the word internet. Yes, I am aware that the conventional wisdom (and grammar girl) says capitalize. As a techie, though, capitalizing bugs me. I know how the thing works and it definitely ain't some singular, monolithic entity. That being said, I was eventually told it was okay not to capitalize my usage regardless, because I was referring to Earth's internet, thereby implying there are other, non-terrestrial internets.

And now everyone who has never beta read for me is making a note never to do so. Because yes, I am this odd on a regular basis.

Anyway. I am a spoilerphobe of the 'doesn't even watch promos' variety, and having been inadvertently spoiled for a bit of next week's Fringe finale this morning, I may have to make myself scarcer that usual this week around the internet (though if someone can get me onto an extraterrestrial internet I'm totally okay with that). Assuming I can resist the pretty tumblr pics. Arrrrgh.

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For [ profile] ziparumpazoo. Because apparently I am not working on that fic for the S/J Advent Calendar today. Oops.

Title: The Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Astrid and Walter
Season/Timeline: Blueverse? Or some 'verse where Walter owns MD, anyway.
Word Count: ~700
Summary: The first box arrives on Wednesday afternoon. Humor.

Also here on AO3

the preservation of cultural heritage )
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Hey, did they seriously name a television episode Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11? Yes, yes they did.

Fringe 5x01, Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 )
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Undusting the writing brain. Also, y'all, I have been chasing down my Stargate muse. I may have actually seen her around once or twice recently. Tumblr is like chocolate for muses (and also like a rabbit hole I get lost down occasionally, but that's a different story). So many pretty gifs and pictures and now I have had to rewatch bits of several season 4 episodes and I am in over my head in flaily flaily Sam/Jack glee completely out of nowhere. No words to speak of yet, but hey, who knows!

Anyway. I think I saw this one most recently with [ profile] anr.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Just stick with the pairings/people you know I'll actually write, pretty please. *g*
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Just archiving this from yesterday's post.

Title: On the Bridge at Midnight
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: Teen
Characters: Phillip Broyles and Nina Sharp
Spoilers: Through 4x19 Letters of Transit
Word Count: ~850
Summary: Two old soldiers in a brave new world.

A/N: Commentfic written for ziparumpazoo, who apparently knows my brain better than I do. Title from The Bridge by Longfellow.

on the bridge at midnight )
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Title: Theme and Variations
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ella, with Olivia, Rachel, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and a handful of others
Season/Timeline: Blueverse, up to and including 3x22 The Day We Died
Warnings: Character deaths
Summary: Five times Ella Dunham said goodbye.

A/N: Huge amounts of thanks to [ profile] ziparumpazoo for cheerleading, beta reading, and brain sharing. Also for introducing me to Fringe in the first place!

Part 1 )

Part 2

Also on AO3.
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Title: Theme and Variations
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ella, with Olivia, Rachel, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and a handful of others
Season/Timeline: Blueverse, up to and including 3x22 The Day We Died
Warnings: Character deaths
Summary: Five times Ella Dunham said goodbye.

Part 1

Part 2 )

Also on AO3.
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First, and most importantly, a ficrec. Because [ profile] a_loquita wrote me fic! Sam/Jack fic! Really fabulous Sam/Jack fic, though of course that is a given considering the source. *g* The fic is The Plan, and it is cabin fic (squee) and you should all go read it right now because it is wonderful. And also because I said so. ;)

Second, things teevee. And other stuff I shall ramble about under here .... )
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Wondering if posting to my journal will actually work now? Here goes nothing.

I'm going to have a couple of my favorite fangirls where they can't escape my evil plan at my disposal in the near future, and I thought I might get them hooked on introduce them to my latest teevee obsession Fringe. But it's not the sort of gathering where we can just sit and watch for hours on end - I need a targeted approach for this. So here's what I'm wondering. If you were to pick three episodes of Fringe that could demonstrate the supreme awesomeness of Olivia Dunham -- oops, I mean the Fringe-verse -- what would you pick? Preferably without giving away the whole game, but then again, I've discovered that at least one of them knows some pretty hefty spoilers about the show's premise. So maybe that's not an issue?

In other news, apparently I can still finish fics. Or at least drafts of them. That's a relief. I was beginning to wonder .... :)

ETA: And hey! Apparently I missed this altogether, through a combination of the LJ stuff, RL busy-ness, and not realizing I didn't have the comm on my regular reading list (woe). But it seems [ profile] apocalypse_kree is running a ficathon this year! Right now! They've closed for prompts but just opened up claiming, and if you don't like one of this year's prompts, you can still use the ones from the previous ficathons. And we all know how much fun Stargate and the end of the world can be! Thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else is clueless like me.


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