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Undusting the writing brain. Also, y'all, I have been chasing down my Stargate muse. I may have actually seen her around once or twice recently. Tumblr is like chocolate for muses (and also like a rabbit hole I get lost down occasionally, but that's a different story). So many pretty gifs and pictures and now I have had to rewatch bits of several season 4 episodes and I am in over my head in flaily flaily Sam/Jack glee completely out of nowhere. No words to speak of yet, but hey, who knows!

Anyway. I think I saw this one most recently with [ profile] anr.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Just stick with the pairings/people you know I'll actually write, pretty please. *g*
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So. Tuesday morning Castle-watching, FTW. Way better than staying up and watching half-asleep. I miss too much that way. Plus this way, there's coffee for me!

spoilery stuff for 4x07 Cops and Robbers )

And that is all. More coffee now! Then reality. :)
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First, and most importantly, a ficrec. Because [ profile] a_loquita wrote me fic! Sam/Jack fic! Really fabulous Sam/Jack fic, though of course that is a given considering the source. *g* The fic is The Plan, and it is cabin fic (squee) and you should all go read it right now because it is wonderful. And also because I said so. ;)

Second, things teevee. And other stuff I shall ramble about under here .... )
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Happiest of happy birthdays to the always-fabulous [ profile] a_loquita and [ profile] binkii822! I really, really appreciate how much fandom overlap the two of you have so that you can always share birthday presents. *g*

This fic is for [ profile] a_loquita's prompt, five times Castle invited Beckett to his house in the Hamptons. She and I both agree that the house in the Hamptons should have shown up in more than one episode, but that's probably just our inner Sam/Jack cabin fic fangirls talking. ;)

Title: Beach Music
Fandom: Castle
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Castle/Beckett
Spoilers: Through 3x24 Knockout
Word Count: ~4300
Summary: Five times Castle invited Beckett to his house in the Hamptons.

A/N: Thanks to [ profile] ziparumpazoo for being a rock star - and also for the seriously last minute beta. Any remaining mistakes are all mine!

beach music )
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1. Psych is back July 14! I mean, I'm still ready for it to be fall because I miss my other shows (and seriously, you guys, it has been FOREVER since Sanctuary ended already, this is ridiculous), but Dule' Hill back on my television on a weekly basis helps with the pain. Yes. :)

2. I watched part of Heroes last night, because it happened to be on my tivo and I happened to be sorting some stuff in front of the television. I didn't have time to finish - nor was I really in the mood for crying all over myself - but I did watch far enough to see SG-13's mission to P3X-666, and really, I had forgotten just how awesome. They TAKE BETS. And make snarky remarks about trees. And call Wells's ultrasound a space alien (srsly, they do look like space aliens). And Dixon's whole monologue about his four kids ... hahaha. "In the end, you spend all the energy you have left trying to get 'em into bed." Hee.

Also on the recent SG-1 rewatch list: Tangent, Chain Reaction, and Desperate Measures. Oh, show. How I do love you. :)

3. Okay, Castle-watching fangirls. I have been given my marching orders by a couple of people who shall remain nameless and whom I have trouble ignoring (*g*), so I must pay some attention to this show. However, I told the tivo to record a couple of episodes and I watched the beginning of one and ... well, it just didn't grab me. Also, I hesitate to admit this, but I might have wanted to throw something at Richard Castle's head within the first 90 seconds? I suspect I started in the wrong place. So, pretty please, be giving me some recs for which episodes to start with? Is this a must-start-from-the-beginning show, or is there some episode in particular which will hook me completely? Help!

That is all. And now I will go back to roasting in the heat wave. Yay.


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