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Title: Noel (on AO3)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen
Pairing/Characters: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill, Cassie Fraiser, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell
Timeline: Post-series
Genre: Fluff. Fluffy holiday fluff.
Summary: Sam thinks that's the sort of thing someone might have mentioned to her in any of the sixteen or so emails they'd sent her in the last twenty-four hours. Hey, Sam, we’re taking over your house Christmas Eve. Hope that’s okay. Love and kisses, SG-1.

A/N: For the 2014 Advent Calendar at sj_everyday. Thanks to [personal profile] ziparumpazoo for the completely last-minute read-through – all remaining mistakes are because I am a shameful procrastinator. :)

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File under: things I write for [profile] a_loquita.

Title: Most Everyone is Mad Here (also on AO3)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen
Pairing/Characters: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill, Cassie Fraiser
Timeline: Post-series, present day
Genre: Humor. Fluff. Possibly crack. Also cats are aliens.
Summary: When Jack opens the door to find Cassie standing on his front porch, loaded down with a cat and an outlandish amount of stuff, his first thought is something like What the hell? Sequel of sorts to Nine Lives or Thereabouts.

A/N: For [profile] a_loquita. Thanks to [personal profile] ziparumpazoo as usual, and to [profile] a_loquita because I made her help me figure something out without telling her what she was helping me for (I am mean like that). *g*

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Title: The Larks Still Bravely Singing Fly
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Cassie Fraiser, SG-1 in its various incarnations, Hank Landry, President Hayes, and a smattering of OCs that canon was not kind enough to provide me with. And possibly the kitchen sink.
Timeline: Now-ish. Post-Series, after SGA season 5.
Summary: Because that's what you do if you're The Man. When you send men and women out to take the risks you're no longer taking yourself, you'd better damn well keep the light burning at home.

A/N:Many, many thanks to [personal profile] ziparumpazoo for cheerleading and beta reading and listening to me natter on about this fic all the time.

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So a while ago I sketched out an outline for a "five first times" Sam and Jack fic, which I admit was completely an excuse to write a bunch of cliché AU ficlets. And then I started to actually write a couple of them and had a 'why must you want to be actual stories on your own instead of being the little bitty five things I want you to be??' kind of a moment and shoved them into a corner. Occasionally I pulled them out and scowled at them, but they still wouldn't behave.

And then this month I wrote this story for the Advent Calendar, and it was only yesterday as I was working on the very final edits that I realized I had accidentally written the first of the five things without meaning to. Yes, my brain apparently cribs from itself without knowing it. So I am declaring it a series in advance, because I do mean to write the other ones, but I am making no promises as to exactly when.

Anyway. Enough procrastinating, have some fic. Happy holidays, y'all.

Title: Look Again Into Your Heart
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Mature (barely, though)
Pairing: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Timeline: Post-Series, after SGA season 5
Word Count: ~7000
Summary: It's not that cold, not by the standard of some of the places she's been in the last decade or so of her life, but then again, she's not used to braving the weather in heels and an evening dress.

A/N: Written for the 2012 Advent Calendar on [ profile] sj_everyday. Thanks to [ profile] a_loquita for beta reading and general fabulousness.

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For [ profile] a_loquita, just because. :)

Title: Nine Lives or Thereabouts
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: All Ages
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season/Timeline: Post-series.
Word Count: ~900
Summary: Is that an alien living in their house, maybe? Humor. Fluffity fluff.

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No idea where this came from. But here you go anyway. :)

Title: Castles in the Sky
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Mature
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season/Timeline: Basically whenever fits your own personal head-canon.
Word Count: ~900
Summary: Touching her still seems like a dream sometimes.

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Hard drive archaeology thing #2. Secrets is one of my favorite episodes, so I'm a little surprised that this is the only bit of fic I've written anywhere near it.

Title: Fading Light
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack UST
Season/Episode: 2x09 Secrets
Word Count: ~900
Summary: Missing scene from Secrets, before Sam, Jack, and Hammond go back to the SGC.

A/N: Requires a bit of handwaving of the episode timeline, honestly.

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Serious hard drive archaeology going on over here. Been very interesting in terms of thinking about writing and stuff, and I might natter on about that at some point, but for now - Hey! I found a couple of teeny tiny things from like four years ago that are finished but for some reason I never posted. I vaguely recall this one was written for a prompt, but heck if I remember whose prompt or where at or why I never put it up anywhere. Here you go. :)

Title: Sesquicentennial
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: All Ages
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack (UST or friendship, reader's choice I think)
Season/Timeline: Major Carter-era. That's all I've got.
Word Count: ~560
Summary: "Carter, are you sure we’re up high enough? I’m really not in the mood to go swimming today."

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Undusting the writing brain. Also, y'all, I have been chasing down my Stargate muse. I may have actually seen her around once or twice recently. Tumblr is like chocolate for muses (and also like a rabbit hole I get lost down occasionally, but that's a different story). So many pretty gifs and pictures and now I have had to rewatch bits of several season 4 episodes and I am in over my head in flaily flaily Sam/Jack glee completely out of nowhere. No words to speak of yet, but hey, who knows!

Anyway. I think I saw this one most recently with [ profile] anr.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Just stick with the pairings/people you know I'll actually write, pretty please. *g*
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Have finally reached the point where when I look at the larger file for this one, I don't actually feel the pull to finish it anymore. But in honor of what was a really nifty ficathon, I am posting a bit of it anyway just to say I did.

Title: Once and Future
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen
Characters: Hailey and Satterfield
Word Count: ~500
Summary: A passing moment in the greater history of Stargate Command.

A/N: A salvageable bit of a fic that otherwise needs to go to the big unfinished fic home in the sky. Originally for the [ profile] galpalficathon prompt Hailey and Satterfield/ “Turns out the training scenario in "Proving Ground" was the easy part.”

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This is another ages-ago-someone-gave-me-a-prompt fic. For [ profile] ziparumpazoo, prompt at the end.

Title: House Blend Café
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Sam & Jack, mostly friendship, UST if you squint
Genre: Implied apocafic, I think?
Word Count: ~1700

Summary: Three days ago they'd run out of the last of the coffee from Earth.

house blend café )

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Hah. I am calling my eons-old timestamp meme done after this (but only because [ profile] a_loquita let me off the hook for one of her prompts way back when). This one was for [ profile] silerswench's request for something the next day after The Embers Burn On, with Jack making excuses to the politicians he dissed the night before. I ... kind of hit near the prompt, but not exactly right on the bullseye. :)

Title: Generally Speaking
Rating: All Ages
Characters/Pairing: Jack
Season/Episode: Season 9/10
Word Count: ~500

Summary: The next day, in the Pentagon .... Timestamp meme sequel to The Embers Burn On.

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More stuff from my very old timestamp meme. This one was for [ profile] meoinya, who requested something after the end of The Embers Burn On. I'm pretty sure this fic is much tamer than what she was trying to get me to write. *g*

Title: Rest a While Longer
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season/Episode: Season 9/10
Word Count: ~1400

Summary: Normal houses, normal people, normal lives. Not a bad walk at all. Just more alien to her than any number of planets on the far-distant end of the galaxy. Timestamp meme sequel to The Embers Burn On.

A/N: Thanks to [ profile] ziparumpazoo for the usual handholding. :)

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Apparently, what I write right now is five things-es. Besides this, I have two more I've been actively working on lately.

A particular note on this fic, since 90% of what I have posted on this journal is fluff and even the not-fluff is generally not all that serious - this is different from what I usually write. It took me a long time to finish because I tried to argue it into being more like what I usually write, and it would not listen. Eventually I gave in. The warnings should cover it, I hope. There's nothing sex-related to warn for (no dub-con or non-con).

Title: Lines of Symmetry
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: R (for themes and implied violence, not sex)
Characters: Vala
Word Count: ~3000
Categories: Gen (with implied current/past Vala/Tomin, Vala/other), drama, angst, AU
Warnings: Character deaths; violence (implied and/or non-graphic); more specific warning for potentially disturbing material in thing #4 (highlight to read): infanticide
Summary: Five universes where Vala wasn't the mother of the Orici.

A/N: Written for [ profile] ziparumpazoo's prompt, which originally was more like 'five universes where Adria wasn't the Orici' - I had to tweak it a bit. Then she beta read it, too, because she is awesome like that. :)

Vala shifts slightly, her cramped muscles protesting the low crouch she's adopted to blend in ... )
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Dialogue-only fic. Basically just to see if I could, I think. Also for the latest creative free for all challenge at [ profile] sj_everyday.

Title: Conduct Unbecoming
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season/Episode: Sometime after season 8
Word Count: ~500
Summary: "Okay, Carter. That's it. I'm drawing the line."
Genre: Fluff. Humor. Silliness.

A/N: Thanks to [ profile] a_loquita for beta duty!

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See, someday I might finish that timestamp meme after all. This is for [ profile] supplyship, who asked for something after A Cappella, set after the episode Line in the Sand. Though you don't really have to read the first fic to understand this one at all, so possibly I failed the point of the meme? *g*

Title: Tune Without Words
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: All Ages
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season/Episode: Post-ep for 10x12, Line in the Sand
Word Count: ~1300
Summary: Somehow, Jack thought he'd know when she opened her eyes. Loosely, a sequel for A Cappella, set after the episode Line in the Sand.

A/N: Thanks to [ profile] ziparumpazoo for shoving me in the right direction on this after I'd sat on it for too long. Also for beta reading. :)

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To my girls, [ profile] a_loquita and [ profile] binkii822, all the best birthday wishes! I hope both of you are far away from the computer and having the fantastic day you both deserve. And .... apparently I have not posted fic in over six months? Eep. However! For this one particular special occasion I have managed to actually finish something, rather than filing it away in the 'later, when I have time to think about it' folder. I hope you like it! *g*

Title: Last Watch Before Dawn
Rating: Mature
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season/Episode: Post-series, SGU era
Spoilers: Only about what Sam's up to post-SGA
Word Count: ~2900
Summary: It takes time, her first night back; time to remember she's not sleeping in the tiny bunk in her quarters on the Hammond, that she's here, she's with him.

A/N: Thanks to [ profile] ziparumpazoo for cheerleading and beta-reading!

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Well, I am either late for the occasion, or early, depending on which direction you count it from. And I could either blame it on my consistent inability to write in January, or say that I seem only to be able to do birthdays in pairs, but regardless, I think these ladies know that I adore them, and so I hope that they will not mind.

So, to [ profile] supplyship and [ profile] ziparumpazoo, happy very late and very early birthdays to you! This is not fancy cake, and somehow it's not even fluff? But I hope it works anyway. :)

Title: Time, Space, and the Cadence of Everyday
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Jack; Sam/Jack
Season/Episode: Post-series-ish
Word Count: ~2100
Summary: It’s not the sort of place he’d usually stop in and visit.

A/N: Thanks to the always-fabulous [ profile] a_loquita for the beta!

time, space, and the cadence of everyday )
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From somewhere in the middle of the November-writing thing. In which [ profile] ziparumpazoo tried to prompt me to write angst but failed utterly - I just wasn't in the mood that day. *g* So instead I worked on my cliche list, because that is important. *nods*

Just Like Breathing
SG-1, Het, Sam/Jack. Fluff like cotton candy. Teen. ~700 words.

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