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2014 fic list

Let Your Demons Run. 2/2014. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack; Adult; ~6000 words. Post-Entity. There can't be that many eyes in the building that haven't noticed her. (on lj)

Most Everyone is Mad Here. 3/2014. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack, Cassie Fraiser; Teen; ~2500 words. When Jack opens the door to find Cassie standing on his front porch, loaded down with a cat and an outlandish amount of stuff, his first thought is something like What the hell? Sequel of sorts to Nine Lives or Thereabouts. (on lj).

Ghosts That We Knew. 7/2014. Fringe; Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham, Elizabeth Bishop/Walter Bishop, Phillip Broyles, Astrid Farnsworth; Teen; ~12,000 words. There are infinite ways to get from the past to the present. What if things went a little differently back when Peter and Olivia first met as children? AU starting at the time of Subject 13.

Noel. 12/2014. Stargate SG-1; Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill, Cassie Fraiser, Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Cam Mitchell; ~4700 words. Sam thinks that's the sort of thing someone might have mentioned to her in any of the sixteen or so emails they'd sent her in the last twenty-four hours. Hey, Sam, we’re taking over your house Christmas Eve. Hope that’s okay. Love and kisses, SG-1. (on lj)

So I finished four things this year, which is more than the three of the year before at least? Though actually, I think it's my second highest year for total word count in terms of what I finished and posted. Fewer things, but longer things, which is the trend for my writing at the moment. General rambling rather than the question list, because four is still not enough to do the meme questions, really.

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Yes, it is February, and yes, I only posted three fics last year. But I am doing this anyway! :)

2013 fic list

The Larks Still Bravely Singing Fly. 1/2013. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack, also with Cassie, Daniel, Teal'c, Vala, Cam, etc etc; Teen; ~11,000 words. Because that's what you do if you're The Man. When you send men and women out to take the risks you're no longer taking yourself, you'd better damn well keep the light burning at home. (on ao3)

Postcards from Home. 2/2013. Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Fitz Williams/Brandon; All Ages; ~800 words. Fitz and Brandon, right after the final Domino vid. Fluff, basically. (on ao3)

Rosemary for Remembrance. 7/2013. Stargate SG-1; Vala Mal Doran/Daniel Jackson; Teen; ~2400 words. It comes every morning, relentless and remorseless, hovering just at the point where sleeping meets waking. A moment of temptation when, if she wants, she can use her senses as if they were still her own. Vala after the events of Continuum. Written for the five-year anniversary of Continuum.(on ao3)

I'm not going to bother with the questions because it's a lot less fun with only three things to choose from.

That being said, I was pleased with Rosemary for Remembrance because hey, I actually finished something that could be classified as Daniel/Vala, because while I loved them on screen, I've always run into a brick wall when I tried to get them into words myself. And I love Vala and all her many complicated sides.

Postcards from home is just a tiny ficlet but it is nice occasionally to prove to myself I can write something that isn't related to Stargate. :)

And Larks is my favorite thing I've written. Not necessarily the best, but my own personal favorite. I got my head good and stuck in the fic-verse and couldn't write much of anything else for a while afterwards, lol.

And I think that is all!

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Requisite end-of-year fic roundup.

2012 fic list

What's Next. 2/2012. Stargate SG-1/The West Wing; various characters and pairings; Teen; ~4000 words. Five conversations about the Stargate Program that happened at the White House. (on ao3)

Theme and Variations. 3/2012. Fringe; Ella, with Olivia, Rachel, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and a handful of others; Teen; ~11,000 words. Five times Ella Dunham said goodbye. (on ao3)

On the Bridge at Midnight. 6/2012. Fringe; Phillip Broyles and Nina Sharp; Teen; ~850 words. Two old soldiers in a brave new world. (on ao3)

Once and Future. 8/2012. Stargate SG-1; Hailey and Satterfield; Teen; ~500 words. A passing moment in the greater history of Stargate Command. (on ao3)

Sesquicentennial. 9/2012. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack friendship/UST; All Ages; ~550 words. "Carter, are you sure we’re up high enough? I’m really not in the mood to go swimming today." (on ao3)

Fading Light. 9/2012. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack UST; Teen; ~900 words. Missing scene from Secrets, before Sam, Jack, and Hammond go back to the SGC. (on ao3)

Castles in the Sky. 9/2012. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack; Mature; ~900 words. Touching her still seems like a dream sometimes. (on ao3)

Nine Lives or Thereabouts. 11/2012. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack; All Ages; ~900 words. Is that an alien living in their house, maybe? (on ao3)

The Preservation of Cultural Heritage. 12/2012. Fringe; Astrid Farnsworth and Walter Bishop; All Ages; ~700 words. The first box arrives on Wednesday afternoon. (on ao3)

Look Again Into Your Heart. 12/2012. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack; Mature; ~7000 words. It's not that cold, not by the standard of some of the places she's been in the last decade or so of her life, but then again, she's not used to braving the weather in heels and an evening dress. (on ao3)

I also did that three-sentence meme that was floating around for a while, and discovered that mostly I have some trouble counting to three. Teal'c and Vala, Sam/Jack, Castle/Beckett, Vala and Olivia Dunham, Daniel and Vala. What's with all the Vala in the prompts, you guys? *g*

And I posted this little bit of commentfic (Jack O'Neill and Charlie Kawalsky, pre-series) that was meant to be part of a larger five-things sort of story that I've basically abandoned. It needs the context of the other things to be less … abrasive, I think, so I haven't put it up anywhere else. But I like it for the Jack and Kawalsky banter. (Though there is a place where two sentences got munged together somehow and some other stuff that I didn't notice till it was too late to edit. So just ignore all that, lol.)

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Because I actually posted enough fic this year to bother. Barely, and only because of a strong fourth quarter effort. ;)

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And that's that done. Happy New Year, flist!

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