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I am slightly under the weather (along with nearly everyone I know). I am kinda crabby and I don't even feel like watching old gymnastics meets, which is generally my drug of choice when I'm sick. But here! Have some recs from this year's Yuletide that I bookmarked last week when I read them. I'm being lazy and posting them without "here is why you should read this" commentary because, well, I'm sick and crabby. *g*

In no particular order:

Romantic Notions (2845 words) by Sanj. The Outlaws of Sherwood - Robin McKinley; Teen; Cecily of Norwell/Little John. Five lessons Cecily learns the hard way.

Two Rabbits Side By Side (3328 words) by wei. Mulan; All Ages; Fa Mulan. Mulan emerged from Tung Show pass unexposed. AU, slight melding with the Ballad of Mulan, vaguely Mulan/Shang.

all the stars align (2024 words) by rubiconjane. Anne of Green Gables; All Ages; Gilbert Blythe/Anne Shirley, Diana Barry. Gilbert never called Anne “Carrots”, and she never broke the slate over his head. (aka a canon-divergent “what-if” story, told through five snapshots.).

I've Decided To Marry You (678 words) by chicafrom3. In the Heights - Miranda; Usnavi/Vanessa; Teen. At thirteen, Vanessa planned out her wedding down to the last detail.

Searching For Snow (1023 words) by katayla. Betsy-Tacy Series - Maud Hart Lovelace; All Ages; Betsy Ray, Tacy Kelly, Tib Muller. If the snow won't come to Betsy and Tacy and Tib, they'll go to it.

Self-Evident (2199 words) by Queue. Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families - Madeleine L'Engle; All Ages; Meg Murry | Meg O'Keefe. Meg over time.

The Story Club is Discovered (1112 words) by Anonymous. Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery; All Ages; Gilbert Blythe/Anne Shirley. Author doesn't include a summary, but basically, what it says on the tin.
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1) My Jacob Carter rewatch status = have successfully gotten Jacob turned into a Tok'ra. Which means that next up is Show and Tell after which I will have to talk about some things. I already know this. *g* Though one thought I had watching Tok'ra 1&2 was along the lines of 'a whole lot of Earth's fate totally depends on George Hammond having accurate judgment when it comes to whether any particular batshit crazy idea SG-1 has is the good kind of crazy or the bad kind.'

2) Writing this week (*) and it being the busy, busy month of May = nostalgia week for ficrecs, because I am not reading much and trying to rattle through bookmarks on multiple devices and sites for 'things I have meant to rec but haven't gotten around to yet' is apparently too much effort. I freely admit to cribbing this list from one I already posted a loooooong time ago as a comment somewhere (except updated for AO3 links where I can find them, because this list is so old AO3 didn't exist yet). So. Sam/Jack cabin fic recs:

Concentric Unto Thee (8752 words) by gabolange. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, M. Her attempts at normality have never worked before, and Jack won't stand for any attempts to apply the logic of command to their relationship. Really wonderful, grown-up Sam and Jack working out how to share a life together.

Scenes from a Weekend by karma_aster. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, Teen. Lovely Threads-related cabin fluff with just a touch of bittersweetness.

Biting the Bullet by ijemanja. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, PG-13. Five times Jack O'Neill asked Samantha Carter out, and one time he didn't have to. I'm cheating a little on this one. It's actually a five things, with five Sam/Jack scenes from different AUs, and only the last one is at Jack's cabin. But it's funny and sweet and the characterization is just terrific.

Gravity Sings (7081 words) by stargazercmc. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, M. General Jack O'Neill headed west five months after the world ended. Apocafic. Jack and Sam try to make some kind of normal life after the world ends. I love Jack in this fic especially.

Fantasy (562 words) by a_loquita (which also has a timestamp sequel, Only Sense Left). Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, G (sequel is rated T). It’s time for Sam to make a choice. Short but really beautiful; the sort of fic that makes the setting almost another character in the story.

Land of Sky Blue Waters by sam938. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, PG-13. Thor doesn’t beam Jack up until a week later. Sam accepts the offer to go fishing, but things don’t necessarily work out the way they’re planned. A what-if AU where Sam goes on that fishing trip with Jack (but it's mostly UST, not what you're thinking at all! hee). I like this because they both get to be smart, and I think it's a good look at what they have in common and what they don't and why they still work.

There are like 80,000 other fics that could be added to a cabin fic rec list but I am resisting the urge because things to doooooooo. If anyone felt like suggesting a theme for next week's list I wouldn't complain because I do not think next week will be any less busy.

(*) Dear people out there who write X thousand words per day, I remain simultaneously envious and in awe of you. Two days ago I wrote 900 (!!!) words. Yesterday I netted about 100 new words after stab-stab-deleting about a third of that 900. This is an example of REALLY PRODUCTIVE for me, the kind of really productive that means things like my household chores aren't getting done. Writing more than that is very very rare for me and generally results in HELLO ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?? emails/texts. lol.
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Not a ficrec, but I am currently reading (basically almost done with) Heaven's Queen by Rachel Bach.  It's the third in a trilogy, and I have actually enjoyed all of them (which is saying something if you are familiar with my recent very uneasy relationship with book trilogies).  Best characterized as space opera, action with romance, with a female lead named Devi Morris that I think many of you would enjoy.

Anyway  Ficrecs!

A Thousand Pieces by Motchi.  Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Han/Leia, Teen.  There was a puzzle there, you just didn't see it.  Every now and then I try to dip my toe into Star Wars as an actual fic fandom, and then I remember that there's books and Clone Wars and stuff that I really know basically nothing about and get intimidated and run far away.  But for this, you only need the three original movies, and it's glorious - Leia with her strength and her internal struggle and Han just being Han and the two of them getting from beginning to end.  Also the execution of the writing is beautiful.

Okay, the rest of this list should be sub-titled things tumblr made me think of this week.

1) Gifsets like this one from Descent for some reason always make me think, "Oh hey, that needs fic links to go with it!"  Except then I never get around to it. I am not sure why Descent in particular has that effect on me, but here you go regardless:

Engaged by Jojo.  Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, K+. Jacob find out about Hansen. If by some chance you are reading this and have not read all the Jojo fic ever, stop making that "what does this have to do with Descent" face and go read the fic (both chapters). The rest of you know you want to re-read it, right?

No Air (1547 words) by Annerb. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, Teen.  Their miraculous save comes a few moments too late. Okay, you've all read this too, but whatever. An alternative for those less inclined to fluff, though it's not as sad as the summary sounds!  Annerb's looks at what happens when you push people all the way to the breaking point are always great and this one is no exception.

I feel like there is at least one more Descent-related fic I ought to be adding here, but I'm drawing a blank. Someone help me!

2) There's been some Bill Lee on my dash recently, and some Zero Hour, and my brain put them together and pulled this up and I started giggling before I even went to re-read it:

Giant Plant-like Thing in the Night (480 words) by ziparumpazoo
Stargate SG-1, Bill Lee, G. Bill Lee has a little PTSD following Zero Hour. Poor Bill, lol. (This space is not actually intended as free advertising for my beta readers, it's just that I re-read their fic a fair amount.  I am emotionally attached, okay?) FYI, this fic originally happened because of this crack-y fic titles challenge. There are still any number of titles that no one ever wrote. I'm just pointing that out in case anyone is bored.
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List lacking in quantity this week, but I promise not in quality!

J is for Just A Bit Off Base by [personal profile] thothmes. Stargate SG-1, Gen, author doesn't give a rating so I'll call it Teen because that is what I default to most of the time. I think there is maybe a swear word. :) An almost-outsider point of view on the comings and goings at the SGC. I laughed so hard at this, you guys.

Line Noise (2048 words) by splash_the_cat. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack and Team, Teen. It'd been almost three hours since Daniel's last attempt at contacting him, so it must be minor. Unless Daniel wasn't okay. And Teal'c too. Teal'c would have called him. Unless Teal'c wasn't okay. So it was okay. Or something had gone catastrophically wrong. You probably all read this already, but just in case you missed it: SPLASH POSTED SG-1 FIC YOU GUYS!!! And it is lovely and on point as usual, of course. :) Go read immediately if you haven't.

Okay, that is all. Maybe at some point I will actually post other kinds of things on my journal again? But hey, posting at all three weeks in a row sort of feels like a victory at the moment. *g*
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Have been away from keyboard most of the week, but look! I am posting these two weeks in a row. Yay me. ;) Someday I might get around to reading and reccing things that are more recent than this? Maybe? Hah. I am perpetually behind, fannishly speaking.

Oh, hey - speaking of being perpetually behind, I am finally getting around to watching all those Marvel movies. Like, so far I have watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Thor. I'm going to catch up with the real world in a few more months, maybe. *g*

Okay. Ficrecs:

Rumours of my Demise (4012 words) by cupiscent Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Padmé Amidala/Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mature. Padme Amidala cannot live in a galaxy where he has come to be what he is. Obi-Wan Kenobi spends most of his time talking with ghosts. Warnings: Major Character Death. An AU what-if set after Revenge of the Sith that scratched an itch I had after my kids re-watched all six movies over the course of several rainy, yucky days. Spare and melancholy and really lovely.

for just one taste of this (1843 words) by nextgreatadventure. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, Mature. After that, though, things got tricky and dangerous because they pushed a little more and went a little (a lot) further off that deep end, and soon it was the two of them alone in the empty barracks and this wasn’t wrong, was it, just sitting side by side in the darkness? A season 4/Divide and Conquer-era 'what if they didn't actually manage to keep it all locked away' story. Slow and hot and while you can certainly feel a tiny undercurrent of all the ways this could end badly sometimes in the future, this story is more about the love and devotion underneath the lust and the mutual bad decisions. Also did I mention hot? :)

Nefarious Playwrights Are To Blame For My Life (2847 words) by a_loquita. Stargate: SG-1, Sam/Jack, Teen. I swear sometimes that there is someone writing my life, specifically, an omnipotent being that's sick and twisted and has got it in for Jack O'Neill. Okay, so I might have accidentally-on-purpose re-read a fair amount of a-loquita's fic recently, but which to rec today? There are many, many excellent choices. But I had not read this one in *ages*, so here you go. I love the Jack O'Neill voice in this story, the trademark humor but with much more serious stuff going on underneath. (Also naked and UST are really quite difficult to pull off in the same fic like this, I'm just saying.) :)
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I started this list a couple of weeks ago because I thought to myself, "Hey, Ficrec Friday. If this is not already a thing already it should be, because alliteration." And here it is two weeks later and I have not posted it yet, because Friday does not work that way for me, apparently.

Anyway. Just some stuff I have read or re-read recently, old and new, not intended to be an exclusive/inclusive list, etc etc. Short fics because that is how I roll at the moment.

some more nights like these by [personal profile] rgcraeg. Castle, Castle/Beckett, PG. "He wants to tell her about how uneasy these close calls make him. About how happy he's been lately and that he's pretty sure their tiny nerve endings are actually woven together because after all this time her touch still ignites his skin like it did that very first time." Read this because it is one of those lovely little moment-in-time ficlets - you know the sort I mean.

Close to Perfect by holdouttrout. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, Teen. "If something was going to happen, it would happen soon. AU post-Moebius." I was given a Sam/Jack prompt recently that I completely failed to write because the minute I read it I thought, "Oh hey, Trout wrote that!" and immediately went to reread the story in question. You should, too.

Alibi by Dira Sudis. Lewis (TV)/Connie Willis's Oxford Time Travel Universe, G. "This is worse than maths, Sergeant," Lewis said darkly. "This is history." I was looking through my bookmarks for something else recently and accidentally re-read this. If you are at all familiar with Lewis and with Connie Willis's Time Travel Universe and you have not already read this, do so immediately. It's just a few thousand words, won't take long. The Lewis and Hathaway voices are A+++++++.

Cold Feet by stardustinthesky. Longmire (TV verse), Vic/Walt, Teen. She never intended for it to happen, and he didn’t ask to fall in love with his deputy who was his daughter’s age, but she had her face so close to his and all he could think about was how all of this didn’t matter anyway. (It’s hard to take that last step.) This was recced to me a while ago, and when I finally read it my reaction was an inarticulate sort of flaily "oooh, that is old school!" This sort of writing that is very spare and likewise very poetic was popular the SG-1 fandom for a while and it is *really* hard to do. I never quite managed the trick of it myself, but I love it when it's done like this!

I'm going to stop now because if I don't I will never actually post this. I have some more that maybe I'll save for next week. :)
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1. What is happening on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries twitter accounts? WHAT? Is this a Thing or are they just tormenting us? Someone needs to tell me so I do not get my hopes up.

2. Speaking of the LBD, I had been keeping up with Emma Approved - though I bailed in the middle of the last episode because of referred awkwardness. Actually, that's frequently how I feel about Emma in almost any incarnation tbh, so I've been pretty ambivalent about this series so far. Though I did watch parts of the 2009 BBC adaptation recently which I had never seen before and had the following observations: a) Romola Garai in the role of Emma could be Katee Sackhoff's long-lost sister, and b) I generally do not have any interest in Sherlock Holmes adaptations (I know, I am weird), but I might be convinced to try Elementary just because Jonny Lee Miller.

3. Speaking of Emma, though, here is a ficrec:

#knemma (6329 words) by Tulina
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Emma - Jane Austen
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: George Knightley/Emma Woodhouse
Characters: George Knightley, Emma Woodhouse
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fans & Fandom, Chatlogs, follows the plot of the novel, Female Character of Color

Emma W
you know, you set really high standards
for the men in my life
Emma W
I guess this is how Tom Hiddleston’s little sister feels
if he has one.
I guess.

I laughed SO HARD at this, you guys. Fandom love with a big fat bow on top.

4. Which immediately lead me to re-reading this SG-1 fic which I've probably already recced 18 times or something already but whatever:

#sg1wedding (1312 words) by openended
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Characters: Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c (SG-1), Vala Mal Doran, Cassandra Fraiser, Cameron Mitchell (SG-1), John Sheppard
Additional Tags: Twitter, Weddings, Humor, Snark, Team, autocorrect
Series: Part 5 of Advent Calendar 2012

Politics hijacked their wedding into a big floofy interplanetary affair. So everyone takes to Twitter.

@stillalive: An Air Force general, a Jaffa leader, and a Tok’ra high council member walked into the bar.
@blewupasun: @stillalive is this the beginning of a joke or something that actually happened?

5. Also have been slowly re-reading all the Jojo fic. Because SG-1 nostalgia. And also because of lines like this:

Why blonde? Why did she have to be blonde? And hot? And smarter than him? Why? He *hated* blonde, hot, smart women. He'd freaking *married* the last one. (from Just Don't Eat the Cake) Hee.

6. Today I was actually taking some time to write some stuff and rather than working on either of the fics I meant to, I have written an insert scene for a fic I posted over four years ago that will never see the outside of my notebook and started a sequel for something else that I shouldn't have. Oops. Oh well. All words are good, right?

Here concludes this digest of my recent fannish life. *g*
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1) Look! I am on twitter at tulipsntessers (my tumblr username wouldn't quite fit as a twitter handle, but I did the best I could). It has been suggested to me that my joining twitter may be a harbinger of the zombie apocalypse or something. If I cause the end of the world, I'm sorry, but I was clicking to too many individual twitter accounts per day and it was just getting annoying! My convenience is obviously more important than your zombie-free life. *nods*

2) Fic rec! [profile] a_loquita posted a lovely SG-1 fic yesterday. It's called Home on the Horizon, and it's a post-season 8 era Cassie POV fic with some Sam/Jack that makes me miss them all like crazy. It's a nice short read to kick off your Monday, so go take a look.

3) Tell me what to write, flist. I keep bouncing back and forth between my WIPs and I cannot make up my miiiiiiiiiind. Probably I should just finish this Fringe one I've got hanging around, because it is closest to done, but I am afraid of the middle section. Like, "I'm going to write it and then it will go awry and this will end up in the folder of things I can't figure out how to salvage" afraid. Yes, I have issues, but that's been established a long time ago, lol.

4) I think we need another post of glee or something. Commentfic meme? Recipe exchange? Hmm.
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Ooh, hey, [personal profile] holdouttrout! Since we were talking about Fringe/Stargate crossovers the other day - this is actually a Fringe/SGA fusion, rather than a crossover, but it's fabulous anyway. I have been meaning to rec it, but it was written anonymously for the [community profile] fringe_exchange in December (they used sockpuppets for posting the ficathon entries), and I've sort of been waiting for someone to claim it. I don't think anyone ever has, though? Unless I missed it somehow. Which is a shame, because I'd really like to give the author credit! I'll come back and edit the post if I ever see that it does get claimed.

Anyway, here you go: A Day in the Pegasus Life. Short and fun.
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On the off chance that anyone around here did not do so already: go read this immediately. Only preferably not when there are people around you, because otherwise you are going to have to explain why you are laughing so hard you are crying.

#sg1wedding (1312 words) by faviconopenended
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Characters: Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c (SG-1), Vala Mal Doran, Cassandra Fraiser, Cameron Mitchell (SG-1), John Sheppard
Series: Part 5 of Advent Calendar 2012

Politics hijacked their wedding into a big floofy interplanetary affair. So everyone takes to Twitter.

@stillalive: An Air Force general, a Jaffa leader, and a Tok’ra high council member walked into the bar.
@blewupasun: @stillalive is this the beginning of a joke or something that actually happened?

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Go read this right now.

Not Too Cool For School by [ profile] thothmes. SG-1 go to their first day of school. No teamy goodness. They're too young for that yet. Four little fics, one for each member of SG-1 and his or her first day of school. Amazing and pitch-perfect and totally added to my SG-1 head-canon.

Since I'm here anyway: while I was on vacation a few weeks ago I re-read [ profile] a_loquita's Cast Your Fate to the Wind. At least twice. Possibly three times if you add up all the individual bits I had to go re-re-re-read, lol. Still so much fun, and awesome indulgent summer reading.

And speaking of head-canon, I also re-read [ profile] ziparumpazoo's The Friday Night Colonel's Club a couple of days ago. Still one of my very favorite SG-1 fics ever. If you're an SG-1 fan and by some feat you've never read it, definitely take the time to do so.

Okay. I am done embarrassing people now.
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Dear flist, you are made of awesome, seriously. Thank you for playing along.

And hey, in case anyone missed them, a couple of commentfics! From [ profile] ziparumpazoo, a lovely season-4 era Fringe gem. And from [ profile] a_loquita, some fabulous Castle fluff. *g*
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Been meaning to post most of these for quite a while. Thought I had some more I meant to post, but the bookmarks are eluding me. I'm sure they'll turn up eventually, though!

Always Darkest by [profile] _astralis (Stargate SG-1, PG-13, Sam/Jack). Post-Ethon. After everything that happened on Tegalus, it takes a while to put the broken pieces back together. Sam and Jack being together in their own way while the universe insists on making life really damn hard. I love this sort of fic, and this one is very well done.

The Ballad of Mirrim and Menolly's Ride by faviconEdonohana (Dragonriders of Pern, Teen, Menolly, Mirrim, Path). Menolly, Mirrim, and Path travel through times that were, will be, and might have been in a desperate quest to warn Pern of a deadly new threat. Kind of like a five things that never happened, except instead, it's all tied together into one fabulous story. Hits all of my what-if, road-not-travelled fic kinks. Plus, Menolly and Mirrim being awesome and clever and many good things! Highly recommended.

The Long Wait of Becoming by faviconAnnakovsky (Chronicles of Narnia, Teen, Lucy Pevensie with a tiny bit of Lucy/Caspian). A look at Lucy and what it's like to be from two worlds at the same time. Love the reflective voice Lucy has here.

The Husband of Sha-uri by [personal profile] jedibuttercup (Mummy/Stargate SG-1, PG-13, Daniel Jackson, Evie O'Connell).
Evie could not be certain, but it sounded a great deal like the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of "Oh, no, not again," which struck her as a rather bizarre thing for a newly awakened mummy to say. Falls under the category of 'already recced everywhere', but I like it so here it is anyway. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Lieutenant Bennet's Visit by faviconBeatrice_Otter (Temeraire/Pride and Prejudice, Teen, Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Bennet, Darcy). Elizabeth’s reality is far different from her sisters’. Elizabeth raised in the Corps instead of with her family. Clever.

Less Traveled By by [profile] quaggy_mire. (The West Wing, G, Josh/Donna and Toby) Post-season 6 AU. Donna was the last person Toby expected to see... Nostalgia factor for an old fandom that I don't read much anymore: Josh/Donna fic that just made me smile a lot. Hard to go wrong with that if you ask me.

My Master's Secret Mission by faviconDavid Hines (I Dream of Jeannie, G, Jeannie, Major Anthony Nelson, Major Roger Healey, Colonel Bellows). My Master has given me a DIARY! He says that now I can write down things that happened, so I will be able to remember them! Speaking of nostalgia .... Hilarious, with a perfect Jeannie voice.

Wait Wait Don't Eat Me by faviconNestra (National Public Radio, G) We're going to be cutting our show a little short today, because, as you may have heard, there's an apocalypse happening! But we didn't let the election of Barack Obama stop us, and we're not going to let the zombie hordes stop us either." NPR + ZOMBIES. If that doesn't make you read this, I cannot help you.
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First, and most importantly, a ficrec. Because [ profile] a_loquita wrote me fic! Sam/Jack fic! Really fabulous Sam/Jack fic, though of course that is a given considering the source. *g* The fic is The Plan, and it is cabin fic (squee) and you should all go read it right now because it is wonderful. And also because I said so. ;)

Second, things teevee. And other stuff I shall ramble about under here .... )
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I thought that I failed utterly to do a birthday thank you post because I have been insanely busy the last few weeks, but actually it turns out it was because my birthday was still being celebrated (unbeknownst to me). So, belated thanks for all the nice birthday wishes, and let me link you to two really fabulous fics that two really lovely ladies wrote for me, just in case there's anyone who didn't see them elsewhere.

1) Five Things the SGC IT Department Knows That Nobody Knows They Know by [ profile] ziparumpazoo. Gen, humor, rated G. If knowledge is power, the IT professionals in Stargate Command must be the ones who are really in charge, right? I have been nagging Zip to write me this fic for ages and she definitely didn't disappoint. Glimpses of some of our favorite SG-1 characters and even a tiny SGU cameo. #2 is now part of my personal Bill Lee canon-in-my-head.

2) That's when we fell in love, but not the first time by [ profile] supplyship. S/J, action/adventure, rated PG. Something's gone wrong at Stargate Command, and our favorite heroes are busy doing what they always do, no matter what. A lovely moment with some S/J touchstones that feel familiar-but-new in the very best way.

(And hey, while I'm here: a super-secret message to [ profile] a_loquita and [ profile] ziparumpazoo, who for some reason will still beta my fic even though I resolutely ignore their attempts to delete these Very Important punctuation marks from my sentences. Ode to the Semicolon! See, I'm not the only crazy one. *g*)
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Because I was lucky enough to beta this and I think it should not be missed:

Follow the Star of the North by [ profile] ziparumpazoo. Sam/Jack, Mature, set post-series/SGU era. Jack and Sam take some downtime in Minnesota, but this is not your average cabin-fic. It's a really lovely and deeper look at what the place really means to Jack and at what a deepening relationship means to both of them, and it's one of those stories in which the setting is really a character all of itself, where you sort of want to sit and absorb it all for a while. Definitely worth the read!
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1. So I have this new Tivo, and it makes me do foolish things. Like watch an episode of Charmed, which I haven't done in ... oh, six or seven years? I used to watch Charmed, actually - not compulsively, but somewhat routinely - but then the show kind of ticked me off a few too many times and I stopped watching.

Anyway, this was an early season one episode, and I'm watching it and thinking, "Geez, have I seen Brian Kraus in something lately? I feel like I've seen that overly-smiley face and that spikey light-brown hair recently." But no, imdb tells me I have not seen Brian Kraus in anything at all besides Charmed. Still, it keeps bugging me. But then the next night, when I'm sitting around watching Fallen and Homecoming, ALL OF A SUDDEN it hits me. Jonas looks an *awful* lot like Leo. lol

2. Andy Mikita is my favorite Stargate director. And no, that's not just because of last week's SGU episode. *g* If I try to write an actual meta explaining why, I'll a) look like an idiot because I know nothing about the art at all, and b) never finish it because, you know, this is me we're talking about. But what it boils down to is this. I love the big, flashy stories that RCC and Martin Wood put together, I really do. But when they give the big stories to Andy Mikita, it just seems so much more like it's telling the story *through* the character moments, rather than telling the story and the character moments just happen to be there. I mean, the same sorts of moments exists in the episodes regardless, but - well, idk what it is, because visual media is not my strong suit, but there is something about the pair interactions in his episodes, the way they are filmed or edited or blocked or something - that draws me in more.

Or, alternately, it's because he seems to have directed a lot of episodes with Sam moments that I like an awful lot. And Jack moments. And Sam and Jack moments. Yes. :)

3. Okay, I'm curious about prevailing fannish opinion on something. Or at least, prevailing flist-ish opinion? *g* a post-SGA question which pretty much reveals the end of the series so I'll cut it just in case )

And hey, since [ profile] a_loquita and I chatted about this topic a bit back when she was working on one of her fics, let me take this opportunity to tell you that you should go read it now if you haven't already. Or re-read it! Linger this Time, Teen, Sam/Jack, post-SGA, spoilers for Enemy at the Gate. A lovely little story about being together even though some days you have to be apart.
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Dear my Bones-watching flisters, I am celebrating Stupid-Bones-hiatus-is-ending-today Day! Want to celebrate with me? Actually I've been celebrating for a couple of weeks by squishing in a flurry of Bones fic reading and even a couple of episode rewatches (I caught the end of The Man in the Cell the other day, and I watched the pilot and the second episode of the very first season - hee, baby squints!) I'll start the festivities with some Bones-y fic recs (just some good stuff I've read recently, totally not a comprehensive list!):

The Forgotten Dialects of the Heart by [ profile] daygloparker. Ten untold stories about love that also have the benefit of being true. Read it because it is a little bit of awesome about EVERYBODY. My personal favorite is #3, the story of how Angela and Brennan met.

Hands at Ten and Two, Booth by [ profile] lindsey_grisson. Booth, during Aliens in a Spaceship. Read it for the Booth backstory.

Anthropologically Predictable by [ profile] sheafrotherdon. "My hypothesis," Brennan continues, "was entirely accurate and all tests indicate that I am, indeed, pregnant." Read it because, idk, if this doesn't make you smile I don't know what will? :)

A Series of Events Concerning Family by [ profile] missmargaret. Years ago, he'd told her: There's more than one kind of family, Bones. Read it because it's a beautiful look at how Booth and Bones just *fit* into each other's families and lives.

Everlong by [ profile] blueeyelinerx. Along the way, they solve more murders. But mostly, they grow old together. Read it because it is really a love song. And also might make you cry.

Anybody else want to play? Fic recs, vid recs, favorite quotes, pretty pictures in my comments? Top five reasons Hodgins will always be king of the lab? Top ten reasons why Cam is one of the most fabulous characters to ever grace my TV screen ever? Anything goes! (Ooh, except no spoilers, pretty please, no matter what you've read. I'm of the spoiler-free school.)
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1) I love Cassie, and there is not enough Cassie fic in the world. But! I discovered this little gem yesterday, and I am sharing it with you:

Two Moons in Toronto by [ profile] rachel500. Gen, PG-13. Five times Cassie slipped up about how things were in Toronto.

2) Recently someone asked me for recs for Sam/Jack fics taking place during/after In The Line of Duty. And I feel like I really should have been able to come up with something, but there was nothing there in my brain. (Of course, this is not all that unusual these days. *g*) So help a fellow fangirl out, pretty please, and leave me some recs to pass along. UST, RST, AU, canon, angst, fluff, whatever. Anything goes.

3) In the spirit of [ profile] halfamoon, but speaking of ourselves instead of the characters we love so much, all of you should go celebrate yourselves at [ profile] ziparumpazoo's journal. Or at least go read some of the interesting stories there. Because she is right, we are all awesome too. (And yes, I'm a hypocrite because I have not posted anything, but I really hadn't gotten any farther than 'yesterday I taught my daughter how to climb a tree' just yet. *g*)
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1) I have been holidaying excessively and as such am behind on comment replies and the like. I will catch up! Soon! In the meantime, I hope everyone who celebrates something this time of year has had a lovely, festive time, and if you don't, I hope the rest of us were not too, too annoying in our insanity.

2) Speaking of annoying, how late can one post Christmas-related fic without people pointing and staring? Like, is February okay?!? Lol. Maybe I should give up and go for Christmas in July.

3) Schmoopy (Sam/Jack) fic re-reads for my omg-frustrating kind of afternoon:

Just Around the Eyes by Alli Snow - Third party meddling, oh yes.

The Goldilocks Phenomenon by [ profile] syxp - Happy Christmassy fic!

Whoops by Jojo - Okay, this kinda might be my all-occasions go-to fic.

A Job Well Done by Jemima Pereira - I have seen other fics by this writer recced, but not this one, and that makes me sad. So go read it if you haven't.

Okay, I could list more, but I have to go make dinner so that's as far as I've gotten. Feel free to add to the pile! *g*


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