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Okay. [personal profile] ziparumpazoo says I should take baby steps with this 'that was kind of a difficult summer but school's back in and I want to post again on lj because I miss fandom' thing, and I always listen to zip because she is clever, so. Baby steps. TV things!

1. Current status of my West Wing rewatch (a little earlier than usual this year) = "Hi, Senator. Why don't you take your legislative agenda and shove it up your ass?" Nothing like Josh Lyman being a jackass to annoying pompous people to make your day brighter. That being said, this rewatch so far seems to be the Toby Ziegler rewatch, with occasional veering into the CJ Cregg rewatch and the Charlie and Zoey rewatch. Though honestly every rewatch is the CJ Cregg rewatch at some point along the way.

Also, I have said this before but it bears repeating. I do love Josh/Donna, but why is there not more Josh/Joey Lucas fic out there? Like the AU where she takes Josh and Bartlet's advice in her first appearance and runs for office and she and Josh clash all the time until one day they suddenly don't? Idk. I love Joey and Marlee Matlin.

2. I am so annoyed about Longmire being cancelled that I actually tweeted at A&E TV, which is not a thing I generally do. Because what are they *doing*? Argh. Hope it gets picked up elsewhere, but I admit my optimism is thin on this one. It's kind of a niche show. If it doesn't, I'm going to need someone to write me long, epic fic about How It All Should Have Ended, plz.

3. Endeavour. Is anyone else watching this? I have just finished mainlining series 2. I need people to talk to about it before my head explodes.

4. I am currently in my "waiting to get over the last Doctor before I watch the new one" phase of Doctor Who. As in, I actually still haven't watched Matt Smith's last episode, okay? This is not a new phenomenon, though - it took me more than a season to start watching again after Tennant left. I just tend to treat the show as related mini-series and binge watch a lot of it at once rather than keeping up as it goes along all the time. Somebody motivate me. Am I missing fabulous TV?

5. There is no five. There might once have been, but if so I forgot. OH! Not TV, but the next Seanan McGuire/October Daye book comes out Sept. 2. Happy happy day! :)
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Hey, did they seriously name a television episode Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11? Yes, yes they did.

Fringe 5x01, Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 )
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So. Tuesday morning Castle-watching, FTW. Way better than staying up and watching half-asleep. I miss too much that way. Plus this way, there's coffee for me!

spoilery stuff for 4x07 Cops and Robbers )

And that is all. More coffee now! Then reality. :)
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Not at all sure where my week went this week. That's okay, though, I'm still happy to see you, Friday!

I know that for a lot of my flist, the news is just a blip, but I am seriously bummed about SGU's cancellation. I manage to watch about three new-broadcast shows at any given time - I just can't keep up with more - and this was one of my three right now, and I am going to miss it. I think the cast is fantastic, I have really enjoyed the storytelling, and even though the style was quite different, I love the depth that knowing about some of the other people and places gives the gateverse for me. I really hope the actors all go on to find great new projects.

On a related note, I have to say that I am going to miss having some sort of space drama on my regular watch list big time. I think this article sums up how I feel about the direction SyFy's taking now. There's also some meta in my head about how I think grittier, angstier shows like SGU (BSG, Caprica, and lots of other non-scifi shows) really aren't what people want to watch right now, because everyone's feeling a little bombarded with bad news all the time. At the same time, in a post-BSG scifi market, I am not sure people would still watch the sort of optimistic, hope-for-the-future kind of space drama that carried the Star Trek franchise for so long. So I think it's a very fine line to walk for that sort of show right now. Anyway, it's just a collection of musings and I reserve the right to change my mind in about five minutes.

But (upon having someone tell me that since I wouldn't be watching SGU after this season, I should definitely have time for Castle *g*), I would just like to say that what I would *really* love to have show up on my TV is a crime procedural in space. Why does this not exist? Does this exist? This should exist. I would definitely watch it. Fighting crime at warp speed! Why not?

In other news, delicious shutting down is like a fannish mini-apocalypse for me. That's actually been my first stop for finding fic in non-gateverse fandoms for a while now - you know, when I have the occasional 'I must read every decent fic in existence for [insert rare pairing here] in [insert fandom that I don't know anyone who follows here]'. Usually it's like 15 fics or something before I either run out or burn out my interest, and so it's a lot easier to follow links there than to scour for recs in individual journals. Anyone have any suggestions for which other bookmarking sites have a decent-size group of folks of the fannish persuasion using them?

And that's it here. I shall now go back to my pre-Christmas, where-does-the-time-go panic. Happy Friday, flist!
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1. Psych is back July 14! I mean, I'm still ready for it to be fall because I miss my other shows (and seriously, you guys, it has been FOREVER since Sanctuary ended already, this is ridiculous), but Dule' Hill back on my television on a weekly basis helps with the pain. Yes. :)

2. I watched part of Heroes last night, because it happened to be on my tivo and I happened to be sorting some stuff in front of the television. I didn't have time to finish - nor was I really in the mood for crying all over myself - but I did watch far enough to see SG-13's mission to P3X-666, and really, I had forgotten just how awesome. They TAKE BETS. And make snarky remarks about trees. And call Wells's ultrasound a space alien (srsly, they do look like space aliens). And Dixon's whole monologue about his four kids ... hahaha. "In the end, you spend all the energy you have left trying to get 'em into bed." Hee.

Also on the recent SG-1 rewatch list: Tangent, Chain Reaction, and Desperate Measures. Oh, show. How I do love you. :)

3. Okay, Castle-watching fangirls. I have been given my marching orders by a couple of people who shall remain nameless and whom I have trouble ignoring (*g*), so I must pay some attention to this show. However, I told the tivo to record a couple of episodes and I watched the beginning of one and ... well, it just didn't grab me. Also, I hesitate to admit this, but I might have wanted to throw something at Richard Castle's head within the first 90 seconds? I suspect I started in the wrong place. So, pretty please, be giving me some recs for which episodes to start with? Is this a must-start-from-the-beginning show, or is there some episode in particular which will hook me completely? Help!

That is all. And now I will go back to roasting in the heat wave. Yay.


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