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Bio? Hmm. I'm an engineer, I'm a thirtysomething, and I have a lifetime habit of geekiness. I'm happily married and have two small girls who keep me running in several directions at once. And I love rocky road ice cream. I've been lurking around in various online fandoms since ST:V and B5, but Stargate SG-1 is what finally got me out of the fannish lurker closet, so to speak.

I'd say Stargate is my biggest fannish love, but I watch, re-watch, read, and re-read in any number of TV, movie, and book fandoms, including The West Wing, Sanctuary, BSG, Bones, Firefly, Farscape, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. etc. I write Stargate stuff, most of which is Sam/Jack ship, but there's a smattering of gen and other pairings.

I devotedly love the whole Stargate team in all of its incarnations. I devotedly fangirl awesome female characters of any stripe, from regal-with-a-blaster Princess Leia to girly-girl engineer Kaylee of Firefly to don't-mess-with-me C.J. Cregg of The West Wing. I think fandom is an amazing community full of amazing people who create amazing things together. Drama generally makes me hide under the table and shut my eyes, but I'll still be here when it's over.

Friends? I like friends. =) Feel free to friend (or de-friend) at will - no need to ask or announce yourself. Commenters and lurkers equally welcome and all that. Fannish stuff on my journal is generally unlocked; I do tend to f-lock posts about my life, work, or family, so my journal's kind of half-and-half. I like people, just not having bits of my life indexed in search engines. *g*

If I've friended you, it's probably because I love your fic and/or your artwork and/or your meta and/or your rec lists (or just because I've seen you around someone else's journal and like the way you think).

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