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This is another ages-ago-someone-gave-me-a-prompt fic. For [ profile] ziparumpazoo, prompt at the end.

Title: House Blend Café
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Sam & Jack, mostly friendship, UST if you squint
Genre: Implied apocafic, I think?
Word Count: ~1700

Summary: Three days ago they'd run out of the last of the coffee from Earth.

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Hah. I am calling my eons-old timestamp meme done after this (but only because [ profile] a_loquita let me off the hook for one of her prompts way back when). This one was for [ profile] silerswench's request for something the next day after The Embers Burn On, with Jack making excuses to the politicians he dissed the night before. I ... kind of hit near the prompt, but not exactly right on the bullseye. :)

Title: Generally Speaking
Rating: All Ages
Characters/Pairing: Jack
Season/Episode: Season 9/10
Word Count: ~500

Summary: The next day, in the Pentagon .... Timestamp meme sequel to The Embers Burn On.

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Well, I am either late for the occasion, or early, depending on which direction you count it from. And I could either blame it on my consistent inability to write in January, or say that I seem only to be able to do birthdays in pairs, but regardless, I think these ladies know that I adore them, and so I hope that they will not mind.

So, to [ profile] supplyship and [ profile] ziparumpazoo, happy very late and very early birthdays to you! This is not fancy cake, and somehow it's not even fluff? But I hope it works anyway. :)

Title: Time, Space, and the Cadence of Everyday
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairing: Jack; Sam/Jack
Season/Episode: Post-series-ish
Word Count: ~2100
Summary: It’s not the sort of place he’d usually stop in and visit.

A/N: Thanks to the always-fabulous [ profile] a_loquita for the beta!

time, space, and the cadence of everyday )


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