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Okay. [personal profile] ziparumpazoo says I should take baby steps with this 'that was kind of a difficult summer but school's back in and I want to post again on lj because I miss fandom' thing, and I always listen to zip because she is clever, so. Baby steps. TV things!

1. Current status of my West Wing rewatch (a little earlier than usual this year) = "Hi, Senator. Why don't you take your legislative agenda and shove it up your ass?" Nothing like Josh Lyman being a jackass to annoying pompous people to make your day brighter. That being said, this rewatch so far seems to be the Toby Ziegler rewatch, with occasional veering into the CJ Cregg rewatch and the Charlie and Zoey rewatch. Though honestly every rewatch is the CJ Cregg rewatch at some point along the way.

Also, I have said this before but it bears repeating. I do love Josh/Donna, but why is there not more Josh/Joey Lucas fic out there? Like the AU where she takes Josh and Bartlet's advice in her first appearance and runs for office and she and Josh clash all the time until one day they suddenly don't? Idk. I love Joey and Marlee Matlin.

2. I am so annoyed about Longmire being cancelled that I actually tweeted at A&E TV, which is not a thing I generally do. Because what are they *doing*? Argh. Hope it gets picked up elsewhere, but I admit my optimism is thin on this one. It's kind of a niche show. If it doesn't, I'm going to need someone to write me long, epic fic about How It All Should Have Ended, plz.

3. Endeavour. Is anyone else watching this? I have just finished mainlining series 2. I need people to talk to about it before my head explodes.

4. I am currently in my "waiting to get over the last Doctor before I watch the new one" phase of Doctor Who. As in, I actually still haven't watched Matt Smith's last episode, okay? This is not a new phenomenon, though - it took me more than a season to start watching again after Tennant left. I just tend to treat the show as related mini-series and binge watch a lot of it at once rather than keeping up as it goes along all the time. Somebody motivate me. Am I missing fabulous TV?

5. There is no five. There might once have been, but if so I forgot. OH! Not TV, but the next Seanan McGuire/October Daye book comes out Sept. 2. Happy happy day! :)
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1) Music rec to start the week: NPR previews The Avett Brothers' upcoming album, The Carpenter. *grabby hands* I LOVE The Avett Brothers.

2) Had the viral crud most of the weekend (stupid way to spend a holiday weekend!). Watched a lot of SG-1 (okay, that part was less stupid). This show is like crack, how did I forget that? Would like to say in particular that after watching Fallen/Homecoming, I am once again very sad that we didn't get to keep both Jonas and Daniel. Corin Nemec and Michael Shanks really played well together on screen. It would have been fun.

Also Sam and Jack's old-married-people spat in these episodes amuses me a bunch. Look, we are annoyed and picking on each other in public but we are still standing on top of each other for half the episode. Because they cannot help it. Hahahaha.

3) Who else is watching Doctor Who? cut for a little spoilery comment about the premiere )

4) Speaking of Doctor Who, I was accidentally spoiled for a really, really important plot point over on tumblr this weekend. I should have known better, but ... idk. I have gotten pretty good at unseeing the Fringe spoilers, because at this point I have seen all the episodes enough times (except for one beyond-the-pale gross one from season one that I will never, ever watch again) to pick up pretty quickly that I haven't seen these particular pictures before and skip over them. This method is ineffective with any other show I'm watching right now, sadly. I had just finally wrenched my old-fogey brain around to start to embrace the idea of tumblr, but the spoilerphobe in me may win out and force me to abandon ship.

5) Hoping my brain will wake up and the germs will clear out soooooooon. Things to do, things to do....


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