Sep. 5th, 2014

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1) There is a password that I had to change because one day my brain hiccuped and I was just staring at the keyboard and I couldn't remember the end of it. So I set a new one, but occasionally when I log in *I still type the old password*. And them I'm like, "hey, that is not the password I am looking for anymore, but WHAT DID I JUST TYPE???" My fingers still know the password but my conscious brain definitely does not. DO NOT LIKE.

2) Read all of the new Seanan McGuire book (The Winter Long) in a day because I happened to have time that day. I know I have recced her books before but I really love this series and her writing in general. The first in this series is Rosemary and Rue, and they are kind of Dresden-files-esque except with fae instead of vampires and a fabulous female protagonist. If you just can't with urban fantasy (I admittedly don't read a lot of it myself), she's written stuff that's a little more sci fi under the pen name Mira Grant. I recently read Parasite and really enjoyed it.

3) A very old SG-1 ficlet of mine, like seriously from the stone age or something I swear, got recced a couple of places recently. Which was a very nice surprise, but the reason I mention it this. It's an old Catherine Langford/Ernest Littlefield fic so as you can imagine the total hit count across three posting platforms was … well, I don't actually know, but it was TINY I am sure. And it showed up one day with about ten new kudos on AO3 and then a few weeks later with several new LJ comments and I was like, "OMG THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE READING OLD SG-1 FIC OUT THERE!!! THAT IS SO COOL." Of course I still read old SG-1 fic so I do not know why this would be so surprising/exciting to me?? But it was. Lol.

4) Happy Friday! Anyone have any fun weekend plans? I think I have promised to take my children to get donuts in the morning. My life is very exciting. ;)


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