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2014 fic list

Let Your Demons Run. 2/2014. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack; Adult; ~6000 words. Post-Entity. There can't be that many eyes in the building that haven't noticed her. (on lj)

Most Everyone is Mad Here. 3/2014. Stargate SG-1; Sam/Jack, Cassie Fraiser; Teen; ~2500 words. When Jack opens the door to find Cassie standing on his front porch, loaded down with a cat and an outlandish amount of stuff, his first thought is something like What the hell? Sequel of sorts to Nine Lives or Thereabouts. (on lj).

Ghosts That We Knew. 7/2014. Fringe; Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham, Elizabeth Bishop/Walter Bishop, Phillip Broyles, Astrid Farnsworth; Teen; ~12,000 words. There are infinite ways to get from the past to the present. What if things went a little differently back when Peter and Olivia first met as children? AU starting at the time of Subject 13.

Noel. 12/2014. Stargate SG-1; Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill, Cassie Fraiser, Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Cam Mitchell; ~4700 words. Sam thinks that's the sort of thing someone might have mentioned to her in any of the sixteen or so emails they'd sent her in the last twenty-four hours. Hey, Sam, we’re taking over your house Christmas Eve. Hope that’s okay. Love and kisses, SG-1. (on lj)

So I finished four things this year, which is more than the three of the year before at least? Though actually, I think it's my second highest year for total word count in terms of what I finished and posted. Fewer things, but longer things, which is the trend for my writing at the moment. General rambling rather than the question list, because four is still not enough to do the meme questions, really.

Ghosts is my favorite this year. It's nowhere near perfect, but I'm really proud of it. Everything else I've ever written that is in that same range of word count has had a five-things-like structure to build around, and this didn't, so I feel all 'look ma I did a new thing!!' about it. Also, Fringe!!!11! I miss Fringe.

Noel, you guys. I wrote about 1000 words of this in 2009? Then I outlined the rest and abandoned it. And subsequently cannibalized some of what I was thinking about when I was writing/outlining when I wrote Larks. So it's fairly derivative of other stuff I've written, but whatever, Christmas fic, yes? It wanted to be finished. I think maybe it lives in the alien cat 'verse. Maybe.

Speaking of the alien cat 'verse, that is entirely [profile] a_loquita's fault, and the fact that I wrote Most Everyone is Mad Here is proof that she can still say write me fluff immediately and my brain will comply (at least some of the time).

And Demons. I mean, to be candid, I wrote this to prove a point to myself. Or a couple of points. Err, at least three points? Hahaha! There are parts of it that I LOVE, and parts of it that I will probably always have to skip over when I re-read it. Which is the nature of writing outside your comfort zone, so, mission accomplished? Probably.

And that is that. Toodles, 2014, it was nice knowing you. :)

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