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I started this list a couple of weeks ago because I thought to myself, "Hey, Ficrec Friday. If this is not already a thing already it should be, because alliteration." And here it is two weeks later and I have not posted it yet, because Friday does not work that way for me, apparently.

Anyway. Just some stuff I have read or re-read recently, old and new, not intended to be an exclusive/inclusive list, etc etc. Short fics because that is how I roll at the moment.

some more nights like these by [personal profile] rgcraeg. Castle, Castle/Beckett, PG. "He wants to tell her about how uneasy these close calls make him. About how happy he's been lately and that he's pretty sure their tiny nerve endings are actually woven together because after all this time her touch still ignites his skin like it did that very first time." Read this because it is one of those lovely little moment-in-time ficlets - you know the sort I mean.

Close to Perfect by holdouttrout. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, Teen. "If something was going to happen, it would happen soon. AU post-Moebius." I was given a Sam/Jack prompt recently that I completely failed to write because the minute I read it I thought, "Oh hey, Trout wrote that!" and immediately went to reread the story in question. You should, too.

Alibi by Dira Sudis. Lewis (TV)/Connie Willis's Oxford Time Travel Universe, G. "This is worse than maths, Sergeant," Lewis said darkly. "This is history." I was looking through my bookmarks for something else recently and accidentally re-read this. If you are at all familiar with Lewis and with Connie Willis's Time Travel Universe and you have not already read this, do so immediately. It's just a few thousand words, won't take long. The Lewis and Hathaway voices are A+++++++.

Cold Feet by stardustinthesky. Longmire (TV verse), Vic/Walt, Teen. She never intended for it to happen, and he didn’t ask to fall in love with his deputy who was his daughter’s age, but she had her face so close to his and all he could think about was how all of this didn’t matter anyway. (It’s hard to take that last step.) This was recced to me a while ago, and when I finally read it my reaction was an inarticulate sort of flaily "oooh, that is old school!" This sort of writing that is very spare and likewise very poetic was popular the SG-1 fandom for a while and it is *really* hard to do. I never quite managed the trick of it myself, but I love it when it's done like this!

I'm going to stop now because if I don't I will never actually post this. I have some more that maybe I'll save for next week. :)
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