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1) It's been the kind of week where I drag out the Christmas writing playlist and start outlining Christmas fic BECAUSE. What do you mean it is only September? Bah. I don't care.

2) Also the kind of week where I spent a little time looking through the seriously way back archives on my hard drive and WHOA. I ended up lost somewhere in 2008 and those unfinished fics and bits and pieces of brainstorming are so bad they are hysterical. Every now and then I found a gem of a paragraph or three that made me go, "Oh hey! There is actually some hope for you, earlier me!!" But for the most part, just, bwahahahahaha.

3) I have temporarily abandoned my annual West Wing rewatch because it was only September and I had already watched two Thanksgiving episodes and two Christmas episodes (I skipped Noel) and that just didn't seem right. I realize this is totally in conflict with #1 above, but whatever. Instead I watched Full Alert and Lost City and Fallen/Homecoming (no idea why I went in that order? Reversal of the space time continuum or something).

Castle premiere appears to finally be coming on Monday - haven't decided whether to watch it or make a-loquita watch it first and tell me whether I should?

I don't actually know what else I am watching this fall.

4) Okay, I am ready to go on record about what my actual real-live problem with tumblr is. Nobody talks to me over there? That sounds so whiny when I say it, like ME ME ME FANDOM PAY ATTENTION TO ME!! lol. But seriously, I cannot tell if other people are just all talking behind the scenes or what. Somebody needs to explain this to me, because either I am too old, or too introverted, or just missing the social conventions due to my usual cluelessness about such things. I miss the interesting fannish conversations. Not that I have been that good at holding up my end of them lately, but still.

5) I need drabble prompts or three-sentence fic prompts or something. My brain is stuck in park due to long writing hiatus. Prompts may not help (because sometimes they really don't) but they might? Maybe? Anyway if anyone is interested. :)
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